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AG Kit Performance

AG Kit Performance

The progressive spring has a distinctive feature, the coils distribuition it’s not even. As a result, the spring gets two types of hardness: when the coils are close together it’s softer and when the coils are apart we get a harder spring.

How does the AG KIT PERFORMANCE work?

This type of spring will gain hardness progressively as the suspension demands get higher. This means that the vehicle’s height will be reduced between 40 and 60mm and while travelling at a normal speed from 50 to 60 kph - 31 to 37 mph you will experience a soft and comfortable ride. As the speed increases, the progressive coils will block themselves and the load values will change.

¿What are the benefits?

The main benefits when using this kit is that it works perfectly fine with the original shock absorbers, meaning that it’s not necessary to cut or modify the rod.

By reducing the vehicle’s center of gravity we get a better load distribution per wheel and, as a result, the vehicle will be more stable in curves and straight line. Also, the braking capacity is improved and the vehicle gets a much more sporty look.

¿What happens if the springs are cut?

The main problem is how. While cutting it with heat will eventually get the spring to break, doing this with a sharpening grinder will probably make the spring unfit for the shock absorber, allowing excesive cargo on it and generating coils breaking risk.

To avoid this, AG developed a wide range of progressive kits prepared for a broad range of vehicles.

The professional, smart and secure option for tuning.

For real tuning fans, the vehicle’s look is not the only thing that matters. It’s mandatory that the performance, endurance and safety get improved in every change.

  • Respuesta en aceleración

    Acceleration response

    Load distribution reduces swaying, which improves the acceleration response.

  • Mejora de performance

    Performance improvement

    More aerodynamic means more performance.

  • Respuesta de frenado

    Braking response

    Distance is reduced and control during braking is improved.

  • Mejora de tenida

    Adherente improvement

    A lower center of gravity improves the stability and maneuverability.