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Semi-handmade manual production first techniques have changed progressively towards a more effective use of engineering, generating conditions to obtain a dynamic production, appropriate to the wide range of models and strict quality norms that the market demands.

In order to offer new benefits to our customers we are always in tune with technological breakthroughs, that’s why we constantly introduce new manufacturing equipment that allows us to improve our production. Our technology allows us to develop a flexible production model, as design of the springs can be changed easily, while other machines need a matrix for each type of product.

Our new CNC equipment started to operate in April 2005 and revolutionized the productive capacity, which was increased a 70%. What was usually done in three shifts can be done in only one; changing our output from 1.700 tons of steel, to more than 2.000.

The technological improvements introduced allowed us to be the only company giving a two-year warranty in our products, exceeding the highest international standards.