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Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Process

AG springs are rolled in heat at 900° C. Our company counts with a rolling machine, unique in Argentina and in the world, developed by our engineers alongside Siemens engineering team, who contributed with their experience in CNC applications.

  1. Rolling in heat

    Rolling is the process in which a high quality steel bar takes the final spiral shape. AG uses an automatic rolling system, controlled by CNC that can process more than 2000 ton of steel per year.

    When designing this process, we looked for shaping the steel at the ideal temperature, so hardening can be done afterwards at the right temperature. This is one of the most critical procedures in springs manufacturing, and we have the best technology to assure the quality of our products.

  2. Hardening and tempering

    Hardening is a process that strengthens and consolidates steel. This process involves the cooling of the spring from 900°C to temperatures near 60°C in a short time.

    Then, in the tempering, the spring is taken to 400°C during a controlled time, in which the steel regenerates its internal structure, eliminating tensions and obtaining elasticity. This process improves consistency of the internal structure in order to eliminate the possibility of weak points inside the spring.

  3. Shot Peening

    Shot peening is a procedure in which steel micro-spheres are shot towards the spring, eliminating possible micro-fissures in the steel. This increases spring shelf life 300% and it gives the material an even finish.

    Thanks to soda blasting, springs are treated individually to assure maximum and uniform coverage during the process.

  4. Rectifying

    In certain springs, like adjustable ones, extremes are rectified to plane. In AG we use a base rectifier of high capacity, with a disc diameter of 1.2 meters in which springs are rectified.

  5. Blockade Press 

    Stop press of the spring is part of the final proof process, after production. Compressing the spring until its coils are put together assures that the piece will not modify its height during the use of the vehicle. This hinders that the spring gives in or get out of shape.

    We are the only manufacturer in the country in using this process, as our exigent quality norms guarantee a reliable and safe spring.

  6. Measure and load test

    Each spring is measured and then its load is tested in order to assure that it meets its specifications.

    This ensures consent and homogeneity of the production lot. These additional steps are our quality seal, as our manufacturing processes are certified under ISO 9001.

  7. Epoxy paint

    After production and inspection, springs are painted with Epoxy powder paint through an electrostatic method that covers 100% of the spring surface. This paint process is another feature that differentiates our product nationally and internationally as well.